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Current position:
Brand strength

Brand strength


Brand strength

More than 10 years of manufacturing experience, in close cooperation with the global top 500 enterprises. Some of our core customers includes Amphenol, FCI, Asetek, Hitachi, Ingenico,BOE, Haier, TPV and other well known domestic companies.

Scientific research strength

ZHUHE Technology Center has more than 50 software and hardware development engineers, with an average of more than 10 years experience in engineering/manufacturing design, as well as more than 50 national patents. It has formed core technical competitiveness and supports enterprises' innovation strategies.
ZHUHE Technology Center is guided by industry development needs, and takes product technology and value enhancements as its mission. It can provide product R&D and design optimization services for many fields in the industry, the "mutual cooperation" platform continues to enhance the innovation capabilities of enterprises.


Manufacturing advantage

The company has many American and Japanese imports of high speed, high precision automation, intelligent production line and various automatic testing equipment. At the same time, the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) system is introduced in the manufacturing process control, which ensures the efficiency, dependability, traceability and high quality output of the manufacturing system. The existing equipment can complete 12 million pieces of components per day.

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