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Group Introduction

Group Introduction

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ZHUHE industrial development group, located in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen, is a high-tech industry group integrating R & D, manufacturing and services. It sets up 6 subsidiaries throughout the country. It covers the design and manufacture of power supply, semiconductors, electronic accessories, automation engineering design and manufacture, and trading of electronic products. We serve the globalmarking.
The group's products and technologies are diversified, covering semiconductor devices, pulse motors, high-frequency transformers, inductors and the core components of various electronic products like PCBA & FPCA.
In recent years, ZHUHE has been adhering to the spirit of independent innovation and continuously increased the investments in scientific research.
In order to meet the rapid development of the enterprise, ZHUHE Group independently invested in the construction of the ZHUHE (Xiamen) Science and Technology Park, a project with a total planned area of 7 acres. The project started construction in 2018 and is scheduled to be completed and put into production by end 2020.
Sense of worth


The quality of the monographs, the brilliant future


Construction of "one-stop" and "personalized customization" design and manufacturing service platform for electronic products


Create value for industry products with perfect design and excellent manufacturing.


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