The first in the province to introduce high-precision equipment for precision circuits.

Under the tide of resumption of work, a large number of strivers have emerged in all walks of life. In the workshop, office and equipment debugging field, the people of zhuhe still keep their fighting spirit and shine on their posts. they carry forward the style of continuous fighting, look for opportunities in the crisis, and write a wonderful chapter for the strivers...

Recently, there was a busy scene in the workshop of Zhe (Xiamen) Precision Circuit Technology Co., Ltd., and the first [DES Vacuum Two Fluid Etching Line] customized by the company entered smoothly.

It is reported that the production line introduces all imported equipment and is the first DES vacuum two-fluid etching line in Fujian Province, which is used for the production of flexible circuit boards (Flexible Printed Circuit).

The production line equipment processing precision is high, the equipment line width/line spacing engineering capacity can reach 20um/20um, the key process capacity is in the industry leader. The equipment is also equipped with industrial 4.0 automatic control and automatic data acquisition system, which uses big data to improve process management capabilities and product traceability, and provide world-class customers with high-quality products. After the equipment is installed and commissioned, it is expected to be put into production in the first half of 2020.

Zhe (Xiamen) Precision Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. uses a digital automatic manufacturing platform to build an FPC & FPCA full-process factory. According to the design plan, the company's annual production capacity can reach 360000 ㎡ after full production.

Facing difficulties, the Heinz people have the strength and confidence to overcome difficulties in adversity and reap hope! The production of precision circuits will certainly inject vitality into the industry.