Xiamen TV Station Interview with He Group

      Recently, a reporter from Xiamen TV Station came to our company for an interview and report. The staff of Zhuhe Group welcomed and gave a warm reception. Accompanied by Vice President Wang Xuguang, General Manager Zhang Xuegong of New Energy and General Manager Zhu Zhiyuan of Artificial Intelligence, the reporter and his party visited the exhibition hall, office administration building, manufacturing center and other venues of Zhuhe Group's "Zhuhe Science Park" and learned about Zhuhe's product application and future development plans.

Subsequently, the reporter conducted an exclusive interview with General Manager Zhang Xuegong of New Energy. General Manager Zhang Xuegong introduced in detail: Taking the new energy vehicle charging system as an example, we have invented a number of industry-leading patented technologies, which effectively reduced the cost of the charging system. A number of well-known domestic brand car companies have shipped a total of 800000 units, providing assistance for the development of the new energy vehicle industry!

The soul of specialization and innovation is innovation. At present, He Electronics has established production-study-research bases with Xiamen University and Jimei University, and has set up a talent pool to increase research and development efforts in the fields of intelligent supply technology, efficient energy conversion technology and material technology. Promote the innovation and development of Xiamen's electronic information industry.

Like intelligent supply technology, we are developing ultra-power power supply products and power modules, which are mainly used in high-end applications such as industry, power, rail transit, etc. At the same time, we are also leading the research and development of intelligent control technology, such as AI technology, human-computer interaction, intelligent driving and other products. In the material technology related to power semiconductors, such as: silicon carbide, gallium nitride and other products also have new product technology research and development.

The company takes research and development as the core driving force, through its own strong research and development strength, relying on stable and high-quality production and manufacturing capabilities, to complete the real "one-stop" service for customers, including design, procurement, manufacturing, etc., and build a complete PCBA Ecological chain, and finally realize the company's overall product competitive advantage.

At present, with the rapid development of R & D and manufacturing of Zhe Group, digitalization is a major trend of development. Zhe Group has been rated as a "national-level specialized, special and new" enterprise. Zhe Group has been focusing on the following four aspects as the long-term competitiveness of the enterprise:

1. Global resource control (including human resources and upstream supply resources);

2, scientific and technological product and service research and development (through scientific and technological means to carry out product research and development, enhance competitive advantage);

3, digital precision manufacturing power (through intelligent manufacturing system to achieve high efficiency, high reliability of product production);

4. International market development power (he has been facing the global market layout, for example, Japan's he, sales of all products within the group).

 As a result, our company insists on "monograph quality, prominent future" and has been maintaining a good competitive advantage in product development and manufacturing. There is no peak of technology and no exhaustion. We are in line with the concept of continuous improvement and sustainable management, and constantly improve the innovation content and product quality of our products.

The interview with Xiamen TV station is a recognition of the research and development and manufacturing achievements of the group over the years. For the government and the media has been the trust and affirmation, he group feel honored. In the future, he will continue to develop, have the courage to innovate research and development, and promote the development of the industry to a new level!


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Resuming production at a critical moment, they fight on the front line.

"Our general manager can be a front-line operator, our engineering supervisors can be a front-line engineer, our production supervisor, quality supervisor, warehouse supervisor, personnel supervisor ...... Struggle in the front line of the battlefield, showing the spirit of hard work and overcoming difficulties together!" On February 16, the first weekend after the resumption of work, there was a busy figure in the workshop of Huhe Technology. After the start of construction on the 11th, there was a steady stream of customer orders. At the same time, in order to cope with the recent shortage of staff caused by epidemic prevention and control, the general manager of Zhe Electronics led the heads of various departments to assist in the production line of the workshop immediately after completing their respective work. Without rhetoric, they are like a screw, silently emitting light and heat for the resumption of production in ordinary positions. "Our managers are all trained from the front line. As department heads, they all have excellent technical skills to arrange the resumption of production. After a week of hard work, all production activities are recovering rapidly." The general manager of He Electronics said. Under the positive influence of the department head, colleagues in the office are also actively assisting in production. "According to the plan, with the increase in orders from existing customers and the introduction of new customers, production capacity will continue to increase this year, and we are optimistic about the impact of this outbreak." The general manager said that the hot production scene in the workshop made us full of confidence in the future. We have always firmly believed that no matter how bitter the winter is, it will not stop the arrival of spring! The epidemic will eventually pass, and we remain confident in our production and operation this year.

With its achievements and impressively loud noises, the 2019 annual meeting of the group will be held grandly.

On the 11th, the 2019 annual meeting and commendation meeting of zhuhe group was held in Xiamen vanilla garden hotel. The annual meeting "tricks" constantly, "The Struggler" live interpretation of the story of tear-jerking struggle, Kabuki's "harmony" meets the cha-cha-cha dance's "International Fan", plus the grand prize, surprise, ...... How many highlights of the annual meeting, let's "rat a rat ~! At the annual meeting, Chairman Zhu of Zhuhe Group summed up the annual results with the words "effective and impressively vocal: In 2019, the top of the science park in zhe (Xiamen) will be completed and ready to be put into use. the precision circuit project will be advancing rapidly and a new star in the industry will be born soon. In addition, the company has made "effective" progress in the introduction of international talents, the development of new products and the acquisition of patents. 2020 will be a year of explosive potential. Facing a challenging future, we must build outstanding forces, overcome challenges, win opportunities, and obtain results. 2020 will definitely be a beautiful and bumper year! There is a group of people who have won the recognition of customers with sweat and have made technological leaps with diligence. They paved the way to success with their faith. There is a fire in their hearts and a persistent pursuit. They are the outstanding employees of the year! Annual Outstanding Staff Awards Let the best of you shine! "Focus on the future of outstanding quality" you are the best interpreters of corporate culture. "Strive for every minute and live up to your youth" you write wonderful music with your youth. expansion, bo cake, annual meeting... the company's activities this year really quite a few, the purpose is to let employees from all over the world have a feeling of home. With the internationalization of Hehe, the program is becoming more and more foreign. I believe that under the leadership of the group, with its outstanding forces and four forces in one, the group will surely have unlimited potential. I believe that with the efforts of all my colleagues, 2020 will definitely be a beautiful and bumper year! The 2019 annual dinner of the group was successfully concluded. we will see you again next year!