"Monographs Quality" Lecture Hall Phase 10, VDA6.5 Product Review Training

Standard Guide:

VDA6.3 refers to the third part of the quality standards for the German automotive industry established by the German Automotive Industry Federation, namely process audit. Process audit refers to a method of fair analysis and evaluation of the prescribed product development and realization process and its effectiveness. The purpose is to verify that the process/process step being evaluated is consistent with the requirements and specifications.

VDA 6.5 refers to the fifth part of the quality standards of the German automobile industry, namely product audit, which is established by the German Automobile Industry Federation. Product audit refers to the performance, size and appearance inspection of a small number of products that have been produced and are waiting for shipment from the perspective of customers and end users, and evaluate whether the parts conform to the specified technical specifications, drawings, packaging and appliances, regulations and other specifications of customers. The purpose is to independently evaluate the product from the customer's perspective (internal and external) to determine the potential for continuous improvement and increase customer satisfaction.


     After the VDA6.3 process audit training, in order to better promote the product audit process of Zhe Group and expand the team of product auditors. Recently, the quality center of zhe group organized the 10th "VDA6.5 product audit" training meeting. This training meeting was presided over by Ms. Zuo Chun, Quality Center of Zhe Group. The meeting explained the concept and requirements of this training, and explained in depth the VDA6.5 product review process, review plan, review plan, review implementation and other contents, so that the responsible personnel of relevant posts could make it clear that product review is a management tool to independently evaluate and guarantee products from the perspective of customers and avoid property losses caused by product defects.  

Based on the latest requirements of the ISO19011 "Management System Audit Guide", the new version of VDA6.5 redefines the product audit process, which can better adapt to the higher complexity of electronic components and software products, removes the requirements of single report, can understand and master the process method of product audit, find out the audit ideas of reasonable and standardized planning of product audit, and have clearer and clearer skills in practical application, in the actual audit can be flexible, effective and efficient application of product audit in the actual work.

Then, the left lecturer explained the difference between product audit and other inspection. The purpose, frequency and requirements of product audit and inspection and re-qualification in batch process are different, and need to be distinguished. Product audit is not the quality engineer or auditor alone, technical, process and other related personnel should be effectively involved, the product audit inspection project and risk assessment should be comprehensive and adequate planning.

Presentation of the conceptual combing of product audit, left lecturer began to combine the actual case to strengthen the understanding of product audit. Through the product review process form of previous years, the left lecturer introduced the product review plan evaluation form, product review checklist, non-conformance rectification plan and product review management report preparation instructions. 

The left lecturer also added some points that need to be paid attention to in the product review process, such as the time in the product review schedule should be the completion time, not the start time, to ensure that the product review can be completed on time.

At the end of the training, the lecturer conducted in-class tests on the on-site students to ensure that each student can master the main points of the course.


Although the training was not long, it made the students full, including: the concept of VDA6.5, the difference between product review and other inspections, the misunderstanding of product review, the introduction of product review cases, the preparation instructions of product review checklist, the description of product review report, the closed-loop management of problem point rectification, the focus of product review, etc.

It is expected that the trainees will effectively apply the knowledge learned in this training to the future quality assurance work as soon as possible.