Epidemic prevention and control is not lax! Xiamen CDC issued a health reminder!

In recent days, Tianjin and Shanghai have seen local confirmed cases, and the three areas of the two cities have been upgraded to medium-risk areas.

In order to conscientiously implement the prevention and control strategy of "external prevention of input and internal prevention of rebound", the Xiamen Center for Disease Control and Prevention has put forward health reminders to the general public:

Please pay attention to the action track of the cases (asymptomatic infected persons) released by Tianjin and Shanghai, and cooperate with the local government to do a good job in health management. People who have entered (returned) Xiamen from Tianjin since October 25 and Shanghai since October 26 should wear masks, take personal protective measures, take the initiative to monitor their personal health, and report any abnormalities to their communities and units in a timely manner. People entering (returning) Xiamen from Tianjin Binhai New Area and Shanghai Pudong New Area should take the initiative to report the relevant information to their communities, units and hotels, and carry out new crown nucleic acid testing and health management according to the relevant prevention and control requirements of Xiamen City.

At the same time, please pay attention to the latest information on epidemic prevention and control, understand the dynamics of domestic and foreign risk areas, travel or personal travel should avoid risk areas.

In autumn and winter, we should pay attention to the prevention of respiratory diseases. When we go to crowded places, we should wear masks scientifically, wash hands frequently, be ventilated frequently, and keep good hygiene habits. Do not purchase unlicensed food, raw and cooked ingredients are stored separately, the food is cooked thoroughly, and raw and cold food is not eaten. Food handling chopping boards, kitchen knives and tableware should be separated from raw and cooked and cleaned thoroughly in time. Wash hands immediately after handling raw fish, seafood and raw meat.

Should actively cooperate with farmers markets, public places and other management personnel to do a good job in the eight Fujian health code inspection, temperature measurement and other epidemic prevention and control measures. If there are fever, cough and other symptoms, to the nearest diagnosis and treatment in time, and take the initiative to inform the doctor of the history of residence.