Implementing Safety Responsibility and Promoting Safety Development-Series of Safety Production Month Activities of the Group

In June, after careful preparation, Zhe Group took the 20th "Safety Production Month" in the country as an opportunity, with the theme of "Implementing Safety Responsibility and Promoting Safety Development", to carry out a series of safety production month activities throughout the group, covering "Safety Publicity," Safety Education "," Safety Competition "," Safety Inspection "and other activities.

Safety publicity

In response to the call of the state, the group actively creates a safe production atmosphere, and arranges safety production knowledge display stands and banners in workshops, offices and aisles to improve the safety production awareness of all employees.


safety education

Select typical cases of production safety, focus on production safety video education activities, so that fresh cases become a good medicine for warning education, and improve the safety awareness of all employees.


Security Competition

"Everyone talks about safety, safety for everyone"

In order to consolidate the achievements of safety education, the first safety knowledge competition in 2021 will be held on June 23 and 24 respectively in Huhe Electronics and Huhe Precision.

The site of the electronic competition.

He precision competition site

In the early stage of active publicity activities, all the staff enthusiastically signed up for the competition, and finally selected the backbone from the group and various subsidiaries to form 8 teams to compete in memory and knowledge. The topic of this competition is well planned, and the content covers the knowledge of laws and regulations such as the "the People's Republic of China Safety Production Law", "the People's Republic of China Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Law" and common sense of production, life safety and occupational disease prevention.

At the scene of the competition, three links of multiple-choice questions, question-and-answer questions and judgment questions were set up to comprehensively examine the players' knowledge of production safety and professional skills. Eight groups of contestants responded calmly. In the fierce competition, the correct rate of answering questions was higher than 98%, showing the good theoretical knowledge and safety literacy of his colleagues.

After fierce competition, two teams from the headquarters of the group and the precision technology department of the group beat the audience and won the crown. The two sub-venues were won, and the company's leaders presented the competition prizes to the winning teams on the spot.

"The topic is related to our electronic manufacturing work. I learned a lot of knowledge through this activity, and I didn't expect the activity to be so interesting and impressive." Although the manufacturing team missed the championship, the three team members are looking forward to fighting again next year, and we should start with me, start with small things, and resolutely put an end to potential safety hazards.


Safety inspection

Implement daily safety management and take precautions.

The original 5S 1 inspection will be upgraded, a safe production mobile red flag system will be established, and the department with the highest score will be rewarded with mobile red flags.


Through the 20th series of safety production month activities, the legal concept of safety production of the majority of colleagues has been further improved, and all departments of the Group have established the concept of safety development, compacted the responsibility of safety production, and created a good corporate safety culture atmosphere to help the company take off.