The first issue of the story of the striver.

On the road of the development of

There will always be colleagues who shine with the light of endeavor.

Make ordinary work complete.

Make extraordinary achievements in ordinary work

Today, we will share the stories of some famous strivers.

Information Technology Management of Zhe Group-Yang Guangzhao

Seeing Yang Guangzhao, he was checking the weak current wiring construction of the factory building. Speaking of the main work at present, Guangzhao opened the chatterbox. "I have witnessed the construction progress of the whole science and Technology Park project, and I can finish it with more efforts."

Since its inception, the weak current project in the science and technology park of yuhe (Xiamen) has been pushed forward one by one from the aspects of computer room construction, weak current integrated wiring project, wireless coverage, network security, information system, monitoring system, attendance and entrance guard system, etc. at present, it has reached the final stage, providing information technology guarantee for the smooth settlement of enterprises.

▲ Project non-stop high-quality construction to provide protection for business operations

During the working interval, he often saw the light screen full of code. It turned out that he and his colleagues in the information department used their spare time to continuously learn the knowledge of system development. With the development of enterprises, the realization of office automation, the introduction of efficient systems, scientific management and decision-making services, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient collaboration, especially for the high-standard construction of the Zhe (Xiamen) Science Park, the convenience of digital office is particularly important. As early as two years ago, they began to contact the mainstream office system on the market, and they are aware of its characteristics. At the same time, they are constantly exploring the needs of the company and striving to realize the organic combination of the two.

The project construction site always has his busy figure, when the author in the science and technology park met him sweating.

"Tired today?"

He always said, "Full!"

He Electronics Manufacturing Division Manufacturing Class 2-Han Gang

With the growth of orders and the renewal of equipment, the company's production capacity has been greatly improved in recent years. When entering the production workshop of zhuhe, Han Gang, who is busy shuttling through the production line, can always be seen in the tense production rhythm.

In the three years since he joined the company, Han Gang has been in contact with the introduction of every new product on the MI production line. He is always the one who gets started the fastest. After being promoted to foreman, some changes have taken place in his work. Although he is familiar with the assembly process of products, it is not easy to arrange the manpower of each line body reasonably. In his words, "it is a process of tempering temper". Colleagues who have not been in contact with electronic manufacturing or new projects, especially the more than 100 new colleagues since this year, it is necessary to do a good job of training each of them in passing, helping, and bringing. Everyone has different understandings. First of all, we must ensure that we have a full understanding of the manufacturing process. More importantly, we must adjust our mentality. In the process of guidance, "As long as we can settle down and teach carefully, we can always learn".

Training new employees

Talking about his work in the past few years, Han Gang said, "I am very grateful to the company for giving me the opportunity to learn, so that I can keep in touch with new things. If there is an opportunity for progress, I should grasp it!"

"Learning" is a word that the author often talks about when chatting with Han Gang.

"What is the most important thing you have learned in your work?"

"If you say the most important thing you learn at work... I think it's learning to communicate better with people, this is very important. For example, last time there was an urgent order, which I haven't done before, so I need to pay more attention to the details of the assembly, so I'll learn the product as soon as I get it, and then I'll explain the method to you and refine the key points."

"Patience is also important," he added.

He precision-technical department

Since its opening in June 2020, the company has been vigorously building a technical team driven by technological innovation and industrial 4.0. Most of its colleagues are veterans of the electronics manufacturing industry and have undertaken important work such as the design, process technology and equipment maintenance of the company's FPC & FPCA products.

The company has introduced advanced equipment such as the first DES vacuum two-fluid etching line in Fujian, and correspondingly has higher requirements for the process. In response, colleagues in the technical department gave their own answers. in March this year alone, the technical department made technological breakthroughs and introduced them in batches in the dry and wet processes, electrical measurement, cold punching and other processes of FPC products, improving the process and efficiency while significantly reducing the production cost.

Every step is a breakthrough.

When talking about the results of the work, Lin Wenquan, manager of the technical department, has always kept a low profile and rigor as an engineer: "We are all newcomers, everything starts from scratch and speaks with facts." The qualitative leap, the accumulation of required quantity, and the major technological innovation are often composed of one project after another. The young team of the Technology Department works silently in the post, step by step, and accumulates technical reserves for the development of the enterprise.

For future planning, manager Lin hopes that the department will continue to maintain a pragmatic and efficient work style, always remind himself to meet customer needs with professional knowledge and skills, exceed customer expectations, and continue to create value for customers.