Special Mid-Autumn Festival, we watch together

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the streets and alleys of Ludao should have been full of enthusiastic bakes. However, the sudden epidemic broke the rhythm of all activities, work, and life. We must participate in this epidemic sniper battle.

"Epidemic situation is the order, prevention and control is the responsibility" Zhe Group responded positively to Xiamen's call for epidemic prevention, taking epidemic prevention and control as the top priority at present, and quickly put into the fight against the epidemic: do a good job in epidemic prevention publicity and timely convey government notices; Daily verification of the health code and itinerary of all staff; Carry out disinfection and cleaning work in the park; And invited testing agencies to enter the factory to provide nucleic acid testing services for employees, completed the second round on the 19th, carry out production activities under the premise of ensuring safety and provide a safe production environment for employees.

Epidemic prevention and production of both hands, the He Group Science and Technology Park since it was put into use, the production line operation smoothly, the data show that the efficiency will exceed the past, while starting to plan new business growth points, the introduction of new semiconductor sealing equipment, for the Group Science and Technology Park Phase II semiconductor business smooth progress to lay the foundation.

I would like to thank all employees for working with the company to fight the epidemic and for their hard work in their posts to ensure that delivery and services to customers are not affected by the epidemic. We believe that with everyone's joint efforts, the group will surely usher in a new breakthrough!

The epidemic is not over yet, please pay attention to the latest notices of Xiamen City and the governments of various jurisdictions, cooperate with the government and enterprise management, do a good job of personal protection, and reduce mobility during holidays. I believe that under the leadership of the party and the government, we will be able to overcome the epidemic and return to normal life as soon as possible.

Dear friends, whether you are home epidemic prevention or stick to your post during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, let us watch this bright moon together and spend this special Mid-Autumn Festival together!

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Resuming production at a critical moment, they fight on the front line.

"Our general manager can be a front-line operator, our engineering supervisors can be a front-line engineer, our production supervisor, quality supervisor, warehouse supervisor, personnel supervisor ...... Struggle in the front line of the battlefield, showing the spirit of hard work and overcoming difficulties together!" On February 16, the first weekend after the resumption of work, there was a busy figure in the workshop of Huhe Technology. After the start of construction on the 11th, there was a steady stream of customer orders. At the same time, in order to cope with the recent shortage of staff caused by epidemic prevention and control, the general manager of Zhe Electronics led the heads of various departments to assist in the production line of the workshop immediately after completing their respective work. Without rhetoric, they are like a screw, silently emitting light and heat for the resumption of production in ordinary positions. "Our managers are all trained from the front line. As department heads, they all have excellent technical skills to arrange the resumption of production. After a week of hard work, all production activities are recovering rapidly." The general manager of He Electronics said. Under the positive influence of the department head, colleagues in the office are also actively assisting in production. "According to the plan, with the increase in orders from existing customers and the introduction of new customers, production capacity will continue to increase this year, and we are optimistic about the impact of this outbreak." The general manager said that the hot production scene in the workshop made us full of confidence in the future. We have always firmly believed that no matter how bitter the winter is, it will not stop the arrival of spring! The epidemic will eventually pass, and we remain confident in our production and operation this year.

With its achievements and impressively loud noises, the 2019 annual meeting of the group will be held grandly.

On the 11th, the 2019 annual meeting and commendation meeting of zhuhe group was held in Xiamen vanilla garden hotel. The annual meeting "tricks" constantly, "The Struggler" live interpretation of the story of tear-jerking struggle, Kabuki's "harmony" meets the cha-cha-cha dance's "International Fan", plus the grand prize, surprise, ...... How many highlights of the annual meeting, let's "rat a rat ~! At the annual meeting, Chairman Zhu of Zhuhe Group summed up the annual results with the words "effective and impressively vocal: In 2019, the top of the science park in zhe (Xiamen) will be completed and ready to be put into use. the precision circuit project will be advancing rapidly and a new star in the industry will be born soon. In addition, the company has made "effective" progress in the introduction of international talents, the development of new products and the acquisition of patents. 2020 will be a year of explosive potential. Facing a challenging future, we must build outstanding forces, overcome challenges, win opportunities, and obtain results. 2020 will definitely be a beautiful and bumper year! There is a group of people who have won the recognition of customers with sweat and have made technological leaps with diligence. They paved the way to success with their faith. There is a fire in their hearts and a persistent pursuit. They are the outstanding employees of the year! Annual Outstanding Staff Awards Let the best of you shine! "Focus on the future of outstanding quality" you are the best interpreters of corporate culture. "Strive for every minute and live up to your youth" you write wonderful music with your youth. expansion, bo cake, annual meeting... the company's activities this year really quite a few, the purpose is to let employees from all over the world have a feeling of home. With the internationalization of Hehe, the program is becoming more and more foreign. I believe that under the leadership of the group, with its outstanding forces and four forces in one, the group will surely have unlimited potential. I believe that with the efforts of all my colleagues, 2020 will definitely be a beautiful and bumper year! The 2019 annual dinner of the group was successfully concluded. we will see you again next year!