"Monographs Quality" Lecture Hall Phase II: Problem Analysis and Solution (DMAIC Logic)

High-quality development is the theme of my country's economic and social development during the "14th Five-Year Plan" and even longer periods. Taking the road of high-quality development, it is necessary to comprehensively improve the quality management capabilities of the company. Since the launch of the "Monographs Quality" quality management series courses, The company has created a strong learning atmosphere that is better than learning and helping surpassing. The majority of students have responded enthusiastically, and they have continuously put forward "golden ideas", to truly achieve the goal of promoting practical learning through exchanges and increasing practical results through discussion.

Recently, the course "Problem Analysis and Resolution (DMAIC Logic)" carefully planned by the Quality Center of the Group has been launched. This course aims to systematically explain how to find problems, analyze problems, formulate countermeasures and finally solve problems in the manufacturing process.

▲ Liu Biao, Group Quality Director, gives lectures


DMAIC Logic, Improve Theoretical Literacy

"If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharper his tools." Theoretical tools provide a set of ideas and directions for thinking about problems, methods of doing things, and logic for solving problems. No matter in any field, there are countless outstanding creators and excellent practitioners who have systematically excavated the objective knowledge. Through the methods summarized by the predecessors, they can quickly analyze the problems, clarify the ideas, and then quickly find the problem points. Learning to use DMAIC logic with QC7 techniques, you will find that the solution to the problem has already been handed over to us.

Find the "true cause" and solve the problem from the source.

In daily quality management, we should follow the vine and be good at using judgment tools to solve problems from the source.


Throwing bricks to attract jade, combining theory with practice

After class, the examination is routinely arranged to encourage everyone to put forward the problems observed in the work and work on site. Use DMAIC logic to actively look for problems, analyze problems to find out the logic of problems, and prevent problems from happening, rather than saving them after problems occur.

We will carry out a series of courses on "quality of monographs" and implement the group's quality policy of "seeing small works, specializing in special innovation, full participation, green production and sustainable development", so as to help enterprises develop with high quality, constantly provide customers with better products and services, and create greater value.