The latest information, new energy vehicle charging pile is about to usher in explosive growth

Ministry of Finance: Support to speed up the construction of supporting facilities such as charging piles and appropriately increase investment in central infrastructure

The Information Office of the State Council held a press conference on February 18 to introduce relevant measures to promote the steady growth of the industrial economy and the relief and development of industries with special difficulties in the service industry. Fu Jinling, director of the Department of Economic Construction of the Ministry of Finance, said that due to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic and other factors, China's industrial economic development is facing some challenges, and there are some difficulties in the production and operation of enterprises. In 2022, the Ministry of Finance will actively introduce policies that are conducive to the stability of the industrial economy, appropriately move forward, improve efficiency, and promote stable growth of the industrial economy.


First, implement new tax and fee reduction policies to help small, medium and micro enterprises bail out. These include: increasing the pre-tax deduction of equipment and appliances for small and medium-sized enterprises, expanding the scope of application of the local "six taxes and two fees" reduction policy, and increasing the income tax reduction and exemption for small and low-profit enterprises.

Second, manage and use the special bond funds to ensure the construction of key projects. In December 2021, the quota of new special bonds for 2022 has been issued in advance for all localities of 1.46 trillion yuan; as of the end of January 2022, the localities have issued new special bonds of 484.4 billion yuan.

Third, increase the scale of special funds and state-owned capital operating budgets to support the modernization of the industrial chain supply chain. We will support a number of weak points, build a number of public service platforms, and promote the application of a number of major technical equipment and new materials.

Fourth, support the full exploitation of domestic demand potential and demand-driven supply of industrial products. For example, we will continue to implement the subsidy policy for the purchase of new energy vehicles, support the acceleration of the construction of supporting facilities such as charging piles, appropriately increase the central infrastructure investment, and carry out infrastructure construction in advance.

Fifth, increase the relief of small and medium-sized enterprises to help the smooth operation of market subjects. Including the implementation of the inclusive financial development demonstration zone award and subsidy policy, further increase support for national-level specialized new "little giant" enterprises, and encourage local arrangements for small and medium-sized enterprises relief funds. (Xinhua Finance)



Beijing: Property parking spaces or parking spaces leased for more than one year can apply for charging piles.

In recent years, more and more people buy new energy vehicles. For new energy vehicles, charging piles can be said to be the most important except for the car itself.

Beijing also has more and more district installed charging pile. However, there are still citizens in the community to reflect the difficult installation of electric vehicle charging piles.

To this end, the Municipal Housing and Construction Commission recently issued the "opinions on doing a good job in the installation of electric vehicle charging piles in residential areas and the maintenance of order in the later period", which clearly stipulates that owners (property users) who own property parking spaces or have the right to rent parking spaces for more than one year can apply for installation. The property company shall actively support and cooperate with the installation of charging facilities.

In other words, both the owner and the tenant (property user) can apply for the installation of charging piles for parking spaces with property rights or leased parking spaces with a lease of more than one year.

In terms of application for installation, the "opinion" stipulates that community grass-roots organizations such as neighborhood committees or village committees and property committees (property management committees) should actively promote the coordinated installation of charging facilities in the light of the actual situation of residential areas.

Owners (property users) who own property parking spaces or have the right to lease parking spaces for more than one year may apply for installation.

The property committee (property management committee) may organize the owners to jointly decide to authorize property companies and other property service providers to use public parking spaces to build relatively centralized public charging facilities. For communities without property companies, parking management units or other professional companies can be authorized to implement. The installation and construction unit of charging pile shall have relevant qualification conditions.

The installation of charging piles cannot be separated from the cooperation of the property. The Opinions make it clear that if the capacitance meets the installation conditions in the residential area where professional property management is implemented, the property company shall actively support and cooperate with the construction and installation of electric vehicle charging facilities, including surveying the site, providing relevant drawings or identifying the location of the power supply in the parking area and the direction of the buried pipeline.

In residential areas where professional property management is not implemented, the neighborhood (village) committee, property committee (property management committee) or parking management unit should actively provide corresponding assistance and cooperation.

As for the later maintenance of charging piles, the owner or principal of the charging facilities is the person responsible for the construction and installation, maintenance and safety management of the charging facilities, and is responsible for regularly carrying out inspection and maintenance of electrical safety, fire safety, lightning protection facilities safety and charging related equipment and facilities on the charging facilities, so as to eliminate potential safety hazards in a timely manner.

When the parking space of the charging pile is transferred, the contract expires or is no longer used, the owner of the charging facility shall properly handle the charging pile by dismantling or transferring it in a timely manner.

If the public charging pile is used for charging, the user shall move out of the charging parking space in time after the charging of the electric vehicle is completed to improve the use efficiency of the charging facilities.

The owner of the electric vehicle charging pile may sign a service agreement with the property service person of the community, and the property service person shall assist in the management and maintenance of the electric vehicle charging pile. (Beijing Housing and Construction Commission)


As a supporting supplier in the field of new energy vehicles, Zhuhe adheres to the innovation-driven development strategy, and provides strong technical support for the development of the industry with strong innovation capabilities. It will also provide the industry with solid patented technical strength in the field of charging pile construction. Professional services and excellent products.

Source: Xinhua Finance and Economics, Beijing Housing and Construction Commission


Add: Zhonghe Science Park, Xiang 'an District, Xiamen City




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