Common sense of charging pile



A small charge of charging


in recent years,

Electric vehicles with its energy saving, environmental protection, fashion

Get more and more consumers of all ages,

The infrastructure necessary for electric vehicles

-- The construction of charging piles has attracted much attention from the society,

What exactly is the charging pile used?

Today, follow Xiaobian to learn about it

Charging pile of little common sense!


01 What is a charging pile?

The function of the charging pile is similar to that of the tanker in the gas station. It can realize timing, electricity meter and amount charging, and can be used as a terminal for citizens to purchase electricity. At the same time, in order to improve the efficiency and practicability of public charging piles, a multi-charge and electric bicycle charging function will be added in the future.

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02 charging pile how to classify?

1. According to the installation method:

It can be divided into floor-mounted charging piles and wall-mounted charging piles. Floor-mounted charging piles are suitable for installation in parking spaces that are not close to the wall. The wall-mounted charging pile is suitable for installation in the parking space near the wall.

2. According to the installation location:

It can be divided into public charging piles and special charging piles. Public charging piles are charging piles built in public parking lots (garages) combined with parking spaces to provide public charging services for social vehicles. The special charging pile is the charging pile used by the construction unit (enterprise)'s own parking lot (library) for the internal personnel of the unit (enterprise). Self-use charging pile is a charging pile built in an individual's own parking space (library) to provide charging for private users. Charging piles are generally combined with the construction of parking spaces in parking lots (garages). The protection grade of the charging pile shall not be lower than IP54.

3, according to the charging interface points:

It can be divided into one pile with one charge and one pile with more charge.

4. According to charging mode:

It can be divided into DC charging pile (bolt), AC charging pile (bolt) and AC/DC integrated charging pile (bolt).


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03 How to use the charging pile safely?

1. Check the charging equipment (including cables and connectors) before charging to ensure that it is intact.

2. If there is any abnormal situation during use, immediately press the emergency stop button to cut off all input and output power.

Do not put flammable, explosive or combustible materials, chemicals, combustible steam and other dangerous goods near the charging pile.

4. Do not use it when the charging gun or charging cable is defective, cracked, worn, cracked, or exposed.

5. Do not remove the gun head during charging, and it is strictly forbidden to touch the charging gun core with your hands when charging.

6. In case of rainy weather, please try not to charge in the open air to prevent leakage. When standing water approaches the height of the license plate, charging is prohibited. In case of thunderstorms, do not charge in the open air.

Source: Voice of Market Regulation

The coverage of China's charging infrastructure continues to expand, improving the driving experience of new energy vehicle consumers and reducing mileage anxiety, thereby improving the energy efficiency of new energy vehicles, driving the market demand of the new energy vehicle industry, and forming a benign development with the charging pile industry market.

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